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About us

Nick Egli, Master Electrician & Solar Specialist

Who we are

We want to help you, our customer, save money today on your electric bill and help to fix your electricity costs for years to come. As the energy companies raise their rates in the coming years your savings will increase even more.


At Egli Energy, we believe that power should be free to harness as you desire. We are especially passionate about equipping ordinary people with the ability to install off-grid. The sun is free, and we want to provide you with the means to utilize its rays in whatever way is most practical for you and your family.


As the solar industry and solar awareness grows, we are excited about once-overpriced solar becoming increasingly affordable and available to the average consumer.

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Our expertise allows homeowners to take advantage of innovative technology that’s as affordable as it is environmentally-conscious. Why rent energy when you can produce your own?

At Egli Energy, our residential and commercial solar systems let you bypass corporate-run utilities using a high-quality system that pays for itself multiple times during the life of the system. The cornerstone of our service is our ability to tailor and install customized solutions that deliver optimal results for each home or business.


With our extensive background in commercial and residential electrical work, we are able to save you further expense as all electrical components can be taken care of by our own Master Electrician instead of being hired out.


With the unpredictable Kansas weather, you never know when you may need to power  your grid-tied home in the event of an ice storm, tornado, or strong winds knocking down power lines. Let us install your backup generator while there are clear skies, so that your family never has to go without power again.


We specialize in Generac Automatic Start Home Standby systems. Standard installations range from 8 kW -22 kW. We also install commercial generators of any size.


Although solar installation is what we’re passionate about, we also have many years of residential and commercial electrical work under our belts. We are happy to serve you with quality work in your new construction or servicing existing homes and commercial buildings.


Outdated electrical services can contribute to dangerous issues with the wiring in your home. Many insurance companies require a new electrical panel to properly protect your home from potential fire risks. Don’t wait for a disaster to make your home safe!



Contact Us

P.O. Box 111

Yoder, KS  67585

Phone:   620-664-3454


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